ThisAdventure is a project set out to fuse deeper meaning with pop melodies and create powerfully dynamic music.

“Music has always been about emotion. I love the idea of being able to affect a listener, providing an engaging outlet for them. That’s what ThisAdventure is all about for me.” James enthuses.

Over time, James has been able to share the stage with many of his musical heroes, artists such as Ace Enders (The Early November), Fred Mascherino (Taking Back Sunday) and Mike Herrera (MxPx). “Sharing the stage with artists who have influenced you is surreal, inspiring and humbling at the same time.”

Based in the California Central Valley, James has been writing and recording independently under the name ThisAdventure for over three years. He has continued to incorporate various local artists and musicians with a wide degree of influences, turning ThisAdventure into an ever-changing, ever-growing musical exploration.

As the project grows, the basic purpose remains the same, “Music affects you. And I love that. No matter what emotions you're feeling it provides a release.”